Business Idea: Empowering Consumers Worldwide with Smart Price Checking and Comparison

Foster Lartey
4 min readJul 31, 2023


In today’s increasingly interconnected world, travelers need more options than ever before when it comes to finding the best deals on goods and services. However, it can still be difficult to compare prices across different cities and countries, especially for those who are not familiar with the local market.

As economies everywhere get tighter, the time may be ripe for a transformative business idea that could empower consumers and revolutionize the way we navigate transactions. Allow me to introduce a concept — a bargain app to create a positive impact in the realm of price checking and comparison.

At its core, the app I’m envisioning here serves as an expansive database, meticulously cataloging goods and services across different cities and countries along with their exact prices. Picture this — a user embarks on a journey to Nigeria or Kenya, armed with the knowledge of average prices for everyday essentials like food, taxi fares, and rent. Gone are the days of being taken advantage of as a traveler, as this tool promises to level the playing field and shield users from exploitation.

Key Features and Monetization Strategy:

  1. User-Generated Content: The app’s strength lies in its interactive user community, contributing and updating content in real-time. Users can effortlessly upload visuals and vital details of their purchases, such as prices, locations, and establishment names. To further incentivize users, every approved entry accumulates redeemable points, fostering a sense of active participation. A sophisticated rating system can ensure quality and reliability, wherein users upvote or downvote entries based on their experiences. Verified users or community moderators also earn additional points, promoting excellence within the community.
  2. Discreet In-App Advertising: To support the business and enhance user experience, unobtrusive advertisements can be integrated into the app. Strategic collaborations with local businesses, travel agencies, and airlines will enable targeted ads based on users’ current or intended locations. By offering ad space to businesses, the app can generate a substantial revenue stream.
  3. Premium Subscription Model: To cater to users seeking an enhanced experience, a premium version of the app can be built. Subscribers gain access to the entire database even when offline, ensuring seamless functionality in regions with limited internet connectivity. Additionally, premium accounts get an ad-free environment and early access to newly added features. Users can subscribe to the premium version on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, creating a steady stream of income for the business.
  4. Affiliate Partnerships: By forging alliances with local businesses and service providers, the app can become a gateway to exclusive deals and discounts for the user base. The business can reap rewards through commissions earned on every transaction facilitated through the app. Such partnerships can foster a symbiotic relationship, encouraging businesses to join the platform and driving users to capitalize on the app’s enticing offers.
  5. Insights and Analytics: As the app accumulates data on pricing trends and consumer behaviour from diverse locations, it transforms into a goldmine of market insights. By anonymizing and aggregating this data, the business can sell these insights to businesses and market research firms interested in understanding consumer preferences and market dynamics in various regions, all while safeguarding user privacy.
  6. Collaborative Content and Sponsorships: The value proposition can be augmented by collaborating with travel bloggers, influencers, and local experts. Through sponsored content and curated city guides, users find enriched experiences, while the app secures sponsored partnerships with relevant brands and tourism boards.
  7. Synergistic Partnerships with Travel Companies: Leveraging its far-reaching influence, the business can align with travel industry giants like airlines, hotels, and travel agencies. By exclusively offering app users special discounts and packages, these partnerships can blossom into mutually beneficial endeavours as the app will drive more customers to these businesses while earning a commission or fee for every successful referral.
  8. Localized Deals and Group Buying: Users can band together, capitalizing on collective purchasing power to access products and services at discounted rates. This can be particularly attractive to budget-conscious travellers and locals looking for bulk discounts.

Here are some additional thoughts on the business idea:

- The app could be integrated with other travel-related apps, such as booking platforms and maps
- The app could be used to track price changes over time, for a real-time check on inflation
- The app could be used to create a community of travelers, where users can share tips and advice

Overall, this is a promising business idea with the potential to benefit both travelers and businesses. It heralds an era of consumer empowerment and enlightened transactions. With careful planning and execution, the app could become a valuable resource for those looking to save money while traveling.



Foster Lartey

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